Natural Gas

We understand you need natural gas you can trust at a price you can afford. We work hard every day to lock in the lowest natural gas prices so we can pass the savings on to you. 

It takes just five minutes to switch and save today.

Lower Prices.
Dependable Service.

Our customers often ask, “How are you able to save me so much money on my natural gas compared to my local utility?”Our secret, if you can call it that, is that we shop around to find you the best price.

Your local utility owns pipelines and has its own storage facilities, so it often will route gas through facilities it already has, even if it’s somewhat more expensive for you.

By contrast, because we do not own pipelines or storage facilities, NOVEC Energy Solutions is free to purchase natural gas from the providers that offer the lowest price.
Then we pass on those savings to you.

Not only do our customers love saving on their gas bills, but our
Top 5 Utility Provider award shows they appreciate our customer service as well.

The Benefits of Buying Natural Gas through NOVEC Energy Solutions

Save Big on Winter Heating Bills

Gas rates and gas usage spike in Winter and that’s a recipe for huge natural gas bills. Convenient for your local gas utility, not so convenient for you. Choose our winter fixed-rate and yearly fixed-rate plans to lock in low rates. Stay warm this winter and save big.

Competition Helps Everyone

Natural Gas deregulation keeps your local utility honest. When you switch to NOVEC Energy Solutions, you put us to work finding the best prices for you. The more people who switch and save, the more reason your local utility has to be more efficient too.

Customer Service is in Our DNA

We think of our customers first because we’re the only gas company founded by a member-owned utility. For 75 years, our parent company NOVEC has been among the highest rated utilities in the nation. Switch and see what it’s like when a utility works for you.

It’s Easy to Switch and Save

It takes just five minutes to lock in your savings. Just use the handy form here or call 888-627-7283. It’s so easy, there’s nothing else to do. We take care of everything. No appointments. You still get the same bill from your local utility.
Only now it reflects your new low rate. 

Fixed Rate vs Variable Rate Gas Prices:

Natural gas rates are usually variable. They go up and down. High in the winter when you use the most. Low in summer when you use the least. That’s convenient for the gas company but expensive for you.

We offer winter and yearly fixed rate plans. We buy gas when prices are low and store it for your winter use. The result? You get lower rates in winter to save you money, guaranteed.



  • Prices fluctuate each month
  • Higher prices in winter, lower in summer
  • Unpredictable: you don’t know how much you’ll pay
  • Only rate plan at most local utilities


  • Rates are set in advance
  • Lower prices in winter when usage is high
  • Predictable: know in advance what you pay
  • NOVEC Energy Solutions lets you choose

Rate Plan Match Guarantee

We’re so confident our fixed-rate plans offer the best pricing available, we guarantee it.

If you find another supplier, offering similar rate plan package but at a lower cost within 7 days of signing up, we will match the price, guaranteed.

Choose Your Location
For Natural Gas Service

NOVEC Energy Solutions is pleased to offer natural gas service to customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia and Kentucky.

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About Natural Gas

What is natural gas?

Natural gas forms deep beneath the earth’s surface. It’s colorless, odorless, and the cleanest burning fossil fuel today. When it burns, it produces mostly carbon dioxide, water vapor, and small amounts of nitrogen oxide.

Widely used in furnaces, water heaters, cooktops, and ovens, natural gas provides the heat that keeps us warm and cooks our food. It is also used to power clothes dryers, standby electrical generators, outdoor grills, fireplaces, and many commercial applications.

How is natural gas priced?

As with other commodities, natural gas prices reflect supply and demand. In winter, when we use more natural gas to heat our homes, there’s more demand and gas rates go up. In summer, when our furnaces stand idle, demand is lower and the prices decline.

The natural gas market is split into two main components, commodity cost, and transmission and distribution costs.

  • Commodity cost is the cost of the gas itself, either as produced natural gas or as purchased at a market trading hub or under contract to utilities.
  • Transmission and distribution costs consist of the costs to transfer natural gas from where it is produced or stored to utilities who then deliver that gas on-demand to consumers.

Can I convert my house to natural gas?

It is possible! Contact your local utility and confirm that they offer natural gas services and the costs associated with doing so. Then arrange for the gas services to be installed. Your contractor is responsible for acquiring all of the correct permits.

After your order is processed, you will notice painted marks on or near your property. These marks indicate the location of your water, phone, sewer, and electrical lines and the gas main in the street. A crew will arrive to install the service line from the street to your home and set the meter.

Your contractor will install the gas equipment and run the houseline for a pressure test. A green tag will be attached to the meter when it passes the test. The test is required to be passed before the meter can be activated and a final inspection is carried out. Then your meter is activated and you can enjoy the performance and comfort that natural gas provides!

Deregulation of Natural Gas

What is deregulation?

Deregulation allows us to competitively shop the market. Because we do not own an abundance of pipelines or storage facilities, NOVEC Energy Solutions purchases natural gas from providers offering the lowest prices and then routes that gas by purchasing fractional shares of natural gas pipelines to meet the demand created by customers.

Who is eligible for deregulation?

Any residential, commercial or industrial customer in Pennsylvania, Maryland, D.C., Kentucky or Virginia whose local utility is Columbia Gas, Washington Gas, or Baltimore Gas can now choose NOVEC Energy Solutions.

Start, Stop, Transfer Service

How do I sign up?

All you need is your current gas account number, and then Simply Click Here!

Can I switch natural gas providers?

Yes. Many states have deregulated the natural gas market to allow competition. What this means is that, while your local utility continues to meter your usage, process your payments, and maintain the gas lines, you can choose who supplies your gas and select the rate plan that will work best for you.

It’s easy to switch and save with NOVEC Energy Solutions. Just complete the simple form here or call 1-888-627-7283. Have your natural gas account number handy and it takes just five minutes to select your rate plan and enroll.

What should I watch out for when switching Natural Gas Service providers?

Watch out for marketers who are offering to sell you what is called “wet gas” or “citygate gas.” They are trying to confuse you.

For instance, if a marketer tells you his cost of gas is $.047 cents a therm for wet gas or citygate gas, that is not the price you will see on your bill. They jack up the price another 7 to 10 percent and also add a balancing charge on top of it.

Always make sure that you are getting a burner tip price with balancing fees attached. That way you will be able to compare apples to apples. NOVEC Energy Solutions’s price is always the price you see on your bill (i.e. it’s a burner tip price).

Natural Gas Costs & Pricing

Can you protect your pocketbook from rising gas prices?

Absolutely. NOVEC Energy Solutions’ PriceOne Plan provides price protection from otherwise uncontrollable changes in the prices customers pay for natural gas.

How can NOVEC Energy Solutions reduce my monthly gas bill?

The rate you pay for gas from your local utility changes every month. If you are a typical natural gas consumer you use 80% of your gas from December through March. That’s when prices historically are at their highest. Convenient for the gas company; not so convenient for you.

The colder the winter the higher the price climbs. In a normal winter, the rate you pay to your utility can double. However, in difficult winters with prolonged cold temperatures, the nation’s natural gas storage reserves plummet, resulting in shortages that can cause prices to skyrocket as much as 400%-500% in a few short months.

With NOVEC Energy Solutions you can lock in low prices in the winter months, and save big on your winter bills, when you use most of your gas. It’s kind of like an insurance policy against high prices, except you don’t have to pay a premium to get it.

Will I receive two bills – a bill from my utility and a bill from NOVEC Energy Solutions?

No! Your local utility will continue to meter your gas, send you a bill, and process your payments. You’ll also call your local utility if you have questions about construction or repairs.

What will change is that NOVEC Energy Solutions will be the gas supplier to your utility and the price you pay for that gas will change.

When you pay your gas bill, you’re actually paying for two different services:

  • Your Gas Service: Your local utility maintains the gas lines in your city and to your home, meters usage, and handles billing. One set of charges on your bill covers the cost of providing service to your home or business.
  • Buying the Gas Itself: The natural gas that heats your home, powers your water heater, and cooks your food has to be purchased and routed to your home. That’s what we at NOVEC Energy Solutions do for you.

When you choose NOVEC Energy Solutions, we go to work to source your natural gas at the best price possible. Then we pass the savings on to you and those savings show up on the bill you get from your local utility.

Using NOVEC Energy Solutions

Why choose NOVEC Energy Solutions?

With NOVEC Energy Solutions, you can choose the rate plan that’s right for you. We offer winter and yearly-fixed rate plans to lock in low summer prices and save you money on your winter heating bills.

When you choose NOVEC Energy Solutions, you’re also getting a local company known for its superior customer service, integrity, and reliability. we buy and sell natural gas to thousands of customers just like you. We have the expertise to purchase your natural gas supply at very low rates and pass the savings on to you.