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About NES

NOVEC Energy Solutions (NES) is headquartered in Manassas, Virginia with operations throughout Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Ohio and Kentucky. NES is an affiliate of Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC) and has been in business for over 10 years. We provide energy and energy management services to over 19,000 customers in the Mid-Atlantic area.

NOVEC Energy Solutions is built on a foundation of customer service and low cost energy service. We are proud of our small regional size and we have no plans to sell energy outside our own geographical area.

Our success is in not just selling our customers energy, but managing each individual account so that the customer can get the best price when the most optimum market condition occurs. We aggregate our small retail customers so that they can get the added benefit of purchasing gas as one large wholesale customer.

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About NOVECnet

NES has partnered with one of the experts in high speed broad band internet services. National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC) is a provider of high speed internet service solutions. For more information, please follow the link below.

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About Second Nature

We know how easy it is to forget about air filters and we know how important it is to change them on time. That's why NES has partnered with Second Nature. As an NES customer, signing up with Second Nature to ensure that you never miss changing your air filter couldn’t be easier. Simply visit:

NES has partnered with one of the experts in Home Protection Services here in the USA. HomeServe USA is an independent provider of home repair service solutions. For over a decade, they have helped homeowners protect against the expense and inconvenience of water, sewer, electrical, heating, and cooling home emergencies by managing affordable coverage, and offering a quality service.