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Frequently Asked Questions

Reporting A Problem

How do I report a problem with Novec Energy Solutions?

If you have an emergency, please contact your local gas company immediately. We supply the natural gas to your utility; they are responsible for the pipes that carry that gas to your home.

To contact NOVEC Energy Solutions with questions about your account, you can call us directly at 1-888-627-7283, or send us a message.

What steps should I take after switching to NOVEC Energy Solutions?

Once you submit your request to choose NOVEC Energy Solutions, nothing more is required of you. We will work with your local gas utility to make the transition seamless.

Is there an order of operations to follow?

Once you signup with NOVEC Energy Solutions as your new gas supplier, we will work directly with your local utility. We supply them with natural gas for you; they supply natural gas to your home.

All that changes for you is the peace of mind you’ll get knowing that you’ve locked in a low rate on your natural gas.